September 16, 2016

The team at Independent Vehicle Services | Mechanics Gore want our customers to feel comfortable with the repairs and maintenance they perform on their vehicles so they have compiled this list of some car servicing basics and what we look for so you know exactly what mechanics are talking about and doing when next you visit.

Car Servicing

We recommend having your car serviced every 10,000kms or 12 months – whichever comes first.

Cooling system

  • We check the radiator coolant level when your vehicle is cold and the operation of the expansion tank. The coolant level should be low when your car is cold and high when hot.
  • We inspect the seal of the radiator cap, underneath the cap and the neck of the radiator for build-up.
  • We check the radiator core and tanks for leaks.
  • We inspect for deterioration, leakages, softening and loose clamps on the radiator and heater hoses

Engine oil

  • We check the engine oil level and colour when the engine is cold – engine oil gets darker as it ages and should be replaced if darker than usual.
  • We look for signs of oil leaks

Fan belt/drive belt

  • We inspect for cracks, fraying or deterioration.
  • We test for the correct belt tension – if loose we will make the necessary adjustments.


  • We check the electrolyte level and top up with distilled water if required.
  • We will ensure the terminals are clean, securely tightened and that the battery is charging correctly.


  • Check tyre pressure, tread depth and tyre wear – if not satisfactory all issues can be unsafe or even illegal.

Brake and clutch

  • We check that both pedals perform properly and that they are not sinking to the floor.

Do not make adjustments to your brakes – get us to do that for you. Tampering with the brakes could render your car dangerous, unroadworthy and uninsured – let the professional look after it.

If you notice increased fuel, oil or water consumption, difficulty in starting the vehicle, rough driving or unusual noises – get in touch with your trusted automotive technician at Independent Vehicle Services Mechanics in Gore – we’re here to help.