October 1, 2015

A car mechanic is as good as a doctor for your car. Their primary function – diagnosing what’s wrong with your car – is the most crucial part of the repair process. If a mechanic can pinpoint the problem accurately and honestly, consider your car repair half done. Here are some common myths that surround this profession from those in the know; the Independent Vehicle Services team.

Myth 1# A mechanic mainly aims at bluffing you: While we are the first to admit that the industry has a few bad apples (like all industries), the large majority of mechanics are motivated primarily by being able to fix your car and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Our mechanics offer to answer any questions, explain the processes involved and provide transparent quoting and billing.

Myth 2# Mechanics at the car dealership are better than individual ones: That’s just silly. It means saying that only a rose growing in a roses-only garden is real and an individually planted rose bush is fake! The mechanic in either place can be excellent, it’s the personal skill that matters, not where you practice it.

Myth 3# Independent mechanics are unqualified and inexperienced: Again, it is the skill mastery and not the place of work that defines his (or her) finesse as an adept, talented and skilled mechanic. With proper research and trust building, you can develop a concrete relation with your car mechanic and get honest and experienced service for a long time.