October 1, 2015

Understanding how the timing belt or cambelt in your car works will help you to understand its importance and what your mechanic or technician is explaining too. Basically, a timing belt is a synthetic rubber belt which is reinforced to fibre cords and keeps everything in the engine in sync. When your car’s engine is running it is in constant and timed motions, thanks to the timing belt, connecting between the crankshaft and the camshaft.

Why is this important?

The crankshaft converts linear energy from the pistons that move up and down into rotational energy that eventually turns the wheels of the vehicle. The camshaft opens and closes the engine’s valves which allows fuel and air in and out of the engine. The cambelt is the link – it links the two in harmony and without it the pistons and the valves would collide.

Such a collision can cause a fair amount of engine damage which can be inconvenient and expensive. Ideally you will want to have the timing belt replaced before its life-span expires. The team at Independent Vehicle Services will inspect your timing belt/cambelt as part of a regular car service and advise you if replacement is required. Just contact us today for a booking.