August 17, 2017

Many people will say it’s a perfectly acceptable practice to undertake your own car repairs but those in the automotive industry, like the team at Independent Vehicle Services Mechanics in Gore, aren’t so sure. Completing a vehicle service so that the car not only performs at its optimum but is reliable and safe takes experience, knowledge and attention to detail.

Some people believe that servicing their car themselves is a cheaper alternative, but here’s the catch without a the technical know how, correct tooling, equipment, parts and consumables you are actually much more likely to cause problems down the track. This will require experienced mechanical expertise and will end up costing you more in the long run. Independent Vehicle Services have fixed price servicing and while the team are taking care of your car repairs, you can be working or getting on with your day. Since we have a team your car repairs can be complete in a lot less time that it would probably take you at home. Also, as members of the Auto Super Shoppe Group, consumables will often be cheaper through us than through a retail outlet. We also offer a guarantee and warranty on all parts and components.

Completing car repairs without the proper skills and qualifications may void any current warranties on the car. Plus many modern cars with their computerisation make home car repairs practically impossible. Today, modern cars have such intricate and advanced computers on board, that it’s no long a case of simply replacing a part!

Save time and money and get the team at Independent Vehicle Services to complete your vehicle service. Your car will be in peak condition and most importantly, reliable and safe. Contact our team today for an appointment. Our friendly, helpful and reliable staff will be happy to help you in anyway they can.