October 1, 2015

Oil is the lifeblood for a car engine and its smooth operation. Oil lubricates and cools the parts of the engine so that it runs efficiently and for a long time. As it is a very important aspect of the engine’s functionality, a regular oil change is highly recommended.

There are several methods to identify if the engine needs an oil change.

Check oil quality regularly: Dirty engine oil can play havoc with the health of the engine. You can tell if the oil is dirty if it appears to be dark brown or honey colored. As your car runs, the oil degrades in quality and eventually becomes discolored. If the oil is very old it will appear to be almost black in color. Dark and murky oil quality indicates that it is time for an oil change.

Check oil level: Check the level of oil in the engine using a stick. Cars that have more miles tend to have lower levels. Modern cars tend to burn lower amounts of oil while engine is in use. If the car has not been serviced for a long time and the level of oil is low, you need to get an oil change.

Check the indicator: Most new cars have an oil indicator in the car. When the oil levels are low, the indicator light turns on. This is a sign that the car needs an oil change.

Mileage calculator: If a car has run for several miles without an oil change, the oil quality degrades and also the levels drop down. The oil needs to be changed along with a service.

If your car is due for an oil change or check, bring it in for the team at Independent Vehicle Services to take care of for you.