November 17, 2016

Automotive repairs are just simply part of life if you want to own a car. They are machines, and machines inevitably break down over time. That’s when you need to give the professionals a call. Although, before you make the call, take a look at these 3 things you need to think about when dealing with car repairs and your mechanic.

Communication is key!
The more you can explain to your mechanic what the problem is with your vehicle, then the easier it will be for them to fix that problem. Write down the problems you’ve been having with your car, including any funny smells, strange noises, vibrations or difficulty when steering. Also record when these things are happening: when you’re breaking or turning a tight corner for example. These small, but important details will help make your mechanics job a lot easier, not to mention your final bill a little smaller.

Let the professionals do their job!
Maybe you know a little about engines, or a friend does. You’ve noticed something wrong and your mate told you (with absolute certainty of course) that it’s the crankshaft, so you pull up to your mechanics and tell them to change the crankshaft. No! Let them do their job and diagnose the problem for themselves. If it’s not the crankshaft, then not only are you not fixing the problem, you’ll be back again next week. In the same vein, one of the most annoying things you can do is stand over a mechanic’s shoulder while they work. Let your mechanic do their job, it’s why you pay them.

Have realistic expectations!
When it comes to automotive repair, the words fast and quality rarely go together. A good repair job takes time, so don’t pop in on your lunch break expecting the work to be completed in 20 minutes. And even if it is just a wee thing, bare in mind there are probably other customers ahead of you in the queue. Ask up front how long it will take and plan your day accordingly. Arrange a lift to and from the mechanics, and when you drop your car off, make sure it’s free of clutter. A wee bit of common sense goes a long way!

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