October 1, 2015

Warrant of Fitness inspection frequency is changing in mid-2014. Until this time you will still need to adhere to current inspection timings”

  • Vehicles less than 6 years old – yearly

  • Vehicles over 6 years old – every 6 months

Note: Vehicle over 12 years old will still require six monthly inspections until further amendments.

New WoF inspection frequencies:

Year of first registration Frequency of WoF inspection from 1 January 2014 Frequency of WoF inspection from 1 July 2014
2012 – 2014 Annual **WoF to third birthday OR
annual WoF
2009 – 2011 Annual Annual
2004 – 2008 * Annual WoF Annual WoF
2000 – 2003 six-monthly WoF Annual WoF
Pre-2000 six-monthly WoF six-monthly WoF

* These vehicles join the group of vehicles that are currently younger than six years old on 12-monthly inspections
** The expiry date of the WoF will be the vehicle’s third birthday or 12 months, whichever is later
Courtesy: www.nzta.govt.nz

NZTA and Ministry of Transport to monitor changes to assess effects on safety brought upon by said changes. Additional measures will be considered, if required.

The experienced team at Independent Vehicle Services are fully aware of the warrant of fitness changes coming into effect and will happily advise you of when your next inspection date will be. If you have a WoF inspections coming contacting the team today for a booking time.